1st Press Release (NEWS) of the 35th Ordinary General Chapter-CGO or Capitolo Generale Ordinario– 2019

1st Press Release (NEWS) of the 35th Ordinary General Chapter-CGO or Capitolo Generale Ordinario– 2019

16-20 July 2019
10 Luglio 2019 - Di 3C

The afternoon of the 18th and the entire days of the 19th and 20th were days dedicated to feedbacks.

"They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers." (Acts 1, 14). In this spirit we've met in the evening of July 15. The 24 priests Chapter members of the 35th CGO, with five lays (4 lay men and one lay woman) and with the two religious students invited to the CGO, in the Retreat House of Rogate, in Morlupo (North of Rome, Flaminia Street), which in the case was not for holidays but for Capitular work. The Retreat House is very well provided of many things helpful for our chapter such as technical equipments for simultaneous translations and everything that is necessary for meetings, votations, information, ICT and so on. Two ladies are invited (Orietta and Barbara) who translated simultaneously into the various necessary languages. A truly Pentecost tone.

In fact, this CGO is truly international: the chapter members belong to all 10 territorial parts of the Congregation present in four continents. Every day the Eucharistic and liturgy of the hour is celebrated in a different languages.

On the 16th of July, the solemnity of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the Chapter opened with the festive celebration of the Holy Spirit Mass (with the orations also of the BVM), and shortly after with the solemn proclamation of openness pronounced by the Preposito General Fr. Piero Fietta.

The first two days (16 and 17) were dedicated to the meditation of the word of God and prayer, in an admirable retreat preached by Fr. Pierluigi Nava, Montfortiano, undersecretary of the Congregation for religious and consecrated (CIVCSVA) in place of the Card. Joo Braz de Aviz, mourning the death of his sister. The basic texts of meditation were Acts of the Apostles 13 and Letter of St. Paul to the Romans 16.

The morning of July 18 we began with the unanimous examination and approval of the CGO Regulation, with the slightest amendments and the election of the capitular officers. The following persons were elected: the two moderators, the FR. Manoel R. Pereira Rosa and FR. Alvise Bellinato; Secretary of the CGO Fr. Giuseppe Moni (who is also Secretary-General); FR. Robert Jann Fallera and Fr. Giuseppe Leonardi, who, as the youngest and oldest of the capitulators/capitolars, had already acted as provisional scrutineers at this stage of preliminary elections. These were exhausted in a very short time and in an excellent atmosphere of fraternity.

The afternoon of the 18th and the entire days of the 19th and 20th were days dedicated to feedbacks: and later, as scheduled, we heard the long and beautiful report of the Preposito General Fr. Piero Fietta, and the communications of the following Offices: Fr. Irani L. Tonet (Office for Vocations and Seminaries), Fr. Giuseppe Viani (Off. Charism and Apostolate) and Fr. Edmilson Mendes (Prosecutor of Missions and Postulator General; he's not member of capitulars); and also of the Provincial Superior of Brazil, Fr. Edemar de Souza, of the Regional Superior of the Andean Region P. José Sidney do Prado Alves; and gradually the communications of the first delegate of Italy (Giuseppe Leonardi), the Philippines (Armando Bacalso), Congo (Manoel R.P. Rosa), Romania (A. Elcio Aleixo), Mozambique (Clément Boke M.), East Timor (Robert J. Fallera). A message was read by the Superior General of the Pius Institute of the S. Name of God, Mother Lourdes Columbus; and again the communications of the lay people invited in Italy (Prof. Claudio Callegaro), from Brazil (Amm. Paulo Cesar G. Tavares), the young woman of the Brazilian Youth Pastoral (stud. Thamara M. dos Santos), from Bolivia (Prof. Ronald S. O. Valle), from Romania (stud. Albert Patriciu) and the two young religious Mose (DR Congo) and Vu Van Kiem (Vietnam).

Tomorrow, Sunday, a day of rest is planned, as the Lord says, and we will visit together the place Assisi. Great climate, a lot of work, beautiful environment, excellent preparation, situation of fraternity, hope and peace.

The photographic and film documentation of the event is guaranteed by the lifelong friend, Fernando Riqueto, Brazilian, one of the managers of the Cavanis Communication Center (3C).

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