35th Ordinary General Chapter – CGO or Capitolo Generale Ordinario 2019

35th Ordinary General Chapter – CGO or Capitolo Generale Ordinario 2019

5th Press Release (NEWS)
12 Luglio 2019 - Di 3C

35th Ordinary General Chapter – CGO or Capitolo Generale Ordinario 2019.

Today the Eucharistic celebration together with the Liturgy of the Hour was held in Romanian language, to feel the ambiance of Cavanis closeness to the people of Pachecani, Romania. The Mass was presided by Fr. Antonio Elcio Aleixo, a Brazilian priest who had been working as missionary in Romania for years. Father Preposito Fr. Piero Fietta and Tresore Muanza also concelebrated with the ability to speak well in Romanian. The Romanian youth Albert Patriciu, was invited to join this Chapter, he also contributed a lot with his talent in playing the organ and songs performed with his beautiful voice in our liturgical celebration throughout the first part of the Chapter. The readings and the homily were in Italian, given the difficulty of the Romanian language for the majority of those present. The laude, vespers and other prayers were said in Romanian.

Today the meeting resumed in Aula Magna by all Capitolari and also with the presence of the young lay woman and lay men, who attended until 11 o'clock , and then they boarded from Rome to Venice to visit the mother house of the Congregation, led by Prof. Claudio Callegaro, Venetian and principal of the Cavanis school in Venice. Each laity collaborator received from the hands of the Preposito a beautiful golden icon of Our Lady of the Schools of Charity, of Byzantine inspiration, painted on the wood, with the two children of whom one prays and one studies, thus representing the education of the heart and the mind. The plenary meeting in the morning began with the reading of a summary by the four coordinators and four group secretaries on what had been drawn up in groups over the previous two days.

After the presentations of the coordinators in the Aula Magna, the participants took short turns at the microphone to present observations, proposals, suggestions (with the limit of three minutes) also with interventions always translated simultaneously in the various languages. In the afternoon, among other things, the three "probi viri" are elected who will examine the economic/finacial status or statement of the Congregation.

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